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Culinary delights from the heart of Europe

The gourmet nation of Austria is nestled right at the heart of Europe, in a magnificent landscape. The Alps provide the romantic backdrop for a small, exquisite world, wholly dedicated to taking pleasure in natural products.

Juicy green meadows, blossoming fields and untouched alpine pastures grow the ingredients. These are then transformed into a range of specialty products by both the traditional, small-scale Austrian agricultural industry and the processing institutions, inspiring palates around the whole world.

Each region has its specialties

Austria is made up of many small regions. Each one has its individual, unmistakable cultural identity. And, of course, each region has its own culinary specialties – another reason for the wide variety of Austrian products, which melt in the mouths of people everywhere. Together, the regions, each with their own individual culinary offerings, make up one large brand: Gourmet Austria.

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